Saturday, 6 February 2010


OK so this one was really hard to do..... My friend wanted a Golf card, and had bought the toppers for it.... It makes it really hard to try and come up with a unique card, and I have done a golf card before with similar toppers, but did not want to revisit that design again.
I decided that with a little help from some Argyle effect backing papers from K&Co , and my trusty heat gun, we may have a chance at something different.
Although I have told Sally~Ann that I am not happy with the design, and will be making an alternative for her to chose from, she thinks this one is lovely.
Fingers crossed that her son will too, LOL

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  1. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to be inspired with what you have. I have the same problem sometimes. In fact if you pop by my blog you will see my totally uninspired handbag card that I made in a bit of a rush last night - just hope Kris likes it.

    Since making it I have had other thoughts on what I could have created and will give that a go next time. I thought I might print off some backing papers from Joanna Sheen's Animal CD-ROM I have, leopard skin, zebra skin designs, you know what I mean - the sort of thing you'd find handbags in - fake of course. Would be pretty trendy I think.