Friday, 12 February 2010

Butterfly Dimensions

Whilst I was out with Sally~Ann yesterday, she bought me the X-Cut Dimensions butterfly cutter for my birthday - yes I know my birthday is ages off, but you try telling her that! LOL

I had seen some projects using it on one of my favourite craft sites, and knew it would be a great addition to my craft equipment.

So this card is for Sally~Ann, to add to her little box, and be used at some time during the year.
I am so pleased with the result, and shall be making loads of these I think, as they have jumped to favourite in my mind LOL.


  1. The butterfly card is lovely.

    Butterflies are always handy to have in your crafty stash to add to cards, suitable for lots of occasions.

    Lovely for your friend to buy you that for your birthday yet to come.

  2. It's okay, I've managed to get your Surf Chick blog up again as it showed up on this one when I clicked on your picture on followers on here.

  3. I'm so pleased the butterfly cutter is working well. I said it was for your birthday but I may have been fibbing!! It's ages until October and I'll probably see something else before then. Thank you for the card - I'm really looking forward to seeing it on Sunday x

  4. You are far too naughty Sally~Ann!

  5. I love this card......anyone would love it for a birthday greeting or get well soon thought.