Sunday, 28 November 2010

Purrfect Day

My friends birthday has come around quickly, and as she loves her two Ragdoll cats, I thought she may like this little chap.
I printed it onto ultra smooth white printer paper and cut out each layer, which got placed together with 3d foam pads.
The finished topper then got placed onto a white hammered effect card blank.
The insert I made, read Have a Puuurrrrfect Day!.
Happy Birthday Alison

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Little Ducky

I fell in love with this little topper, and just placed it onto card blank that just happened to match colour wise.
A very very simple card, but very effective.

Triple Turtles

This little chap makes a wonderful image for a child's card, and I've played around with the format a couple of times to see what I can do for alternate effects.
The first image above is simple cut out and added to a hammered blue card blank.

The second, I have placed onto a tall card blank, and used the backing paper as a central panel before placing the smaller image onto a gold matt and 3d foam pads.

The final card, I did a partial wrap using backing paper and placed the larger image, centrally, directly onto it.

All three look great in the flesh, so to speak, and are great for any kiddie.

A Triumph with Thomas

I LOVE my Thomas Kincaide CD-ROM!

I have used very little for this card. Just a print from my disc, some tonal coloured ribbon and some peel offs.

I placed the image onto some matt gold card and used 3d foam pads to place it onto my card blank.

The images make any simple card look very special.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Footballer Forte!

I know that Dave loves his football, and whilst making Leanne's card earlier today, I spotted this little footie chap, and thought that Dave might like him.
The backing paper is the football pitch and on top of this I placed a topper.

the insert is a toned down version of the footie pitch.
Not bad for someone who hasn't a clue about sports..... that's me, in case you were wondering LOL!

Happy Birthday Leanne

We don't get to see Leanne very often, perhaps once a year, so it makes it very difficult to know what she likes, or not, as the case may be.
I decided that it would be difficult for anyone not to like this little lady squrrel, and so put her together on an A5 landscape card.

The disc I tooke her from also had inserts, so I chose this one, and added the sentiment.

Happy 21st Birthday, Leanne x