Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Black and Gold Forever Friends

Firstly - I must apologise to Yvonne for not posting this sooner - she told me off LOL
This is my first attempt at using my Forever Friends Black and Gold Limited Edition CD-ROM.
I know that some people have had an issue with the compatibility of the disc with their computer software, but I have to say, that once I managed to install the software for the disc onto my laptop, I have had no issues and have found it a wonderful disc to use.
The screen layout allows you to place everything on your virtual card to see how it will look, before you commit to printing anything and wasting ink unecessarily.
As I only received the disc a couple of days before Denise's birthday, I had to familiarise myself with it quite quickly, and as you can see, didn't do too badly, I don't think.
I used the Do-Crafts recycled card blanks in a 13.5x13.5 square, and folded the front cover in half to create an easel card, before covering in the backing papers and toppers that I printed from the disc. I also printed extra toppers so that I could decoupage them.
The frames on the disc made a great sentiment box, and were the support to hold the front of the easel in position.
Happy Birthday Denise x

Rose Garden

I have a gent at work who regularly asks me to make him a 'Special' card, and this is the latest one I have done for him.
His wife's birthday falls just before Christmas, and as you all know, buying a birthday card so close to Christmas is a no no.
Once more I used my wonderful Thomas Kincaide CD-ROM, this time choosing from the shaped decoupage card section.
I was thrilled with how well the card came out, and so was he! It's so nice to be able to make something for someone who really appreciates your craft.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

TK Gardens

A beautiful Thomas Kincaide image, just placed centrally onto a card blank, makes a lovely keepsake for a friend. The images print even better when you do them onto gloss photo paper!

Variation on a Christmas Squeezee Card

Instead of putting the squeezee gusset down each side of these cards, I used the images, and decoupaged them onto normal card blanks instead.
This gives the cards a completely different feel, and cuts down on the time to make them considerably too.

With a little bit of glitter strategically placed in the snow scenes, they come to life in front of your eyes.

Squeezee Puddy Tats

These Christmas cats were on my Christmas Squeezee card CD-ROM, and I reckon are a great success.

The ones that I have given out, have been loved instantly, due to the lovely images and the unusual style of a squeezee card, and the way it's layers are built up.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Steam Engine Dreams

My friend asked me to make a card for her. It was her husbands birthday and she wanted something unique for him.

I was originally going to use my Popcorn Bear discs, however I remembered that he loves steam trains, and found a copyright free image that I was able to use.

I used a black card blank, to co-ordinate with the back and white image, and mounted some black and white papers onto some silver mirri card.

The final touch was to add the peels off sentiments.

Various Pretty Florals

These pretty papers made some lovely cards - brilliant but simple!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Purrfect Day

My friends birthday has come around quickly, and as she loves her two Ragdoll cats, I thought she may like this little chap.
I printed it onto ultra smooth white printer paper and cut out each layer, which got placed together with 3d foam pads.
The finished topper then got placed onto a white hammered effect card blank.
The insert I made, read Have a Puuurrrrfect Day!.
Happy Birthday Alison

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Little Ducky

I fell in love with this little topper, and just placed it onto card blank that just happened to match colour wise.
A very very simple card, but very effective.

Triple Turtles

This little chap makes a wonderful image for a child's card, and I've played around with the format a couple of times to see what I can do for alternate effects.
The first image above is simple cut out and added to a hammered blue card blank.

The second, I have placed onto a tall card blank, and used the backing paper as a central panel before placing the smaller image onto a gold matt and 3d foam pads.

The final card, I did a partial wrap using backing paper and placed the larger image, centrally, directly onto it.

All three look great in the flesh, so to speak, and are great for any kiddie.

A Triumph with Thomas

I LOVE my Thomas Kincaide CD-ROM!

I have used very little for this card. Just a print from my disc, some tonal coloured ribbon and some peel offs.

I placed the image onto some matt gold card and used 3d foam pads to place it onto my card blank.

The images make any simple card look very special.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Footballer Forte!

I know that Dave loves his football, and whilst making Leanne's card earlier today, I spotted this little footie chap, and thought that Dave might like him.
The backing paper is the football pitch and on top of this I placed a topper.

the insert is a toned down version of the footie pitch.
Not bad for someone who hasn't a clue about sports..... that's me, in case you were wondering LOL!

Happy Birthday Leanne

We don't get to see Leanne very often, perhaps once a year, so it makes it very difficult to know what she likes, or not, as the case may be.
I decided that it would be difficult for anyone not to like this little lady squrrel, and so put her together on an A5 landscape card.

The disc I tooke her from also had inserts, so I chose this one, and added the sentiment.

Happy 21st Birthday, Leanne x

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New Home

My friends moved house at the end of September, and, I decided to use this lovely Tomas Kinkaide image from my CD-ROM. I placed it onto a matt of gold card stock and placed it onto a cream pearlescent card blank.
A lovely effect I think.

Little Boy Two

Where the time has gone I don't know, but little Wilf was born in September 2008, and this is the card that I did for him this year - I hope he liked it

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sad Times

I heard the other night, that my friend's grandfather had passed away - such a sad time for him...

These colours were perfect for the card I wanted to do for him. I always associate deep purples and blues with sad occasions as well as happy ones, and always think that such a time should be used to reminisce on the happy memories of a loved one rather than dwelling on the sad time that you are caught in right at that moment.
I never call a funeral a funeral. To me it has always been a party, and that is how I have referred to funerals since I lost my own Dad. The funeral director dealing with my Dad's event, only ever called it a 'party', after all, it is still a gathering of people who love someone and wish to celebrate their life, just as you would a birthday.
Maybe I wanted to feel better at the time, or maybe I was easily swayed, but I have always referred to these occasions as 'Parties', since then.
Anyway, I digress. My friend has been through many emotions, I am sure, as any of us do at the loss of a loved one, but one thing is certain..... there are many, many friends out there prepared and ready with a shoulder to lean on and a ear to listen..... we are all here - just ask xx

Monday, 23 August 2010

With Sympathy

Having sold my last sympathy card at the Harbour fun day yesterday, I was asked today if I had a sympathy card in my stash!

Not a problem, I was soon able to put something together for my friend to send

This is an unusual decoupage and I have had it in my craft cart waiting to be used for a while. It builds up on the edges and leaves the original image in the centre as if it is framed by the raised sides.

The delicate vintage rose gave just the right feel for this card, and despite the sad reason for its creation, the card itself turned out very well and had some lovely comments.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Home For Mom

Today Mom and Keith moved home. They have left behind their home of many, many years and down sized to something that is in a great location for all of their requirements.
I chose this lovely little turtle from my CD-ROM, as she is sat outside of her front door, looking very homely with the flower pots waiting to say hello as you come up the drive way.
I posted it on Monday to allow plenty of time for it to arrive, and so that it would be there, waiting at their new home as they opened the door for the first time.
Good Luck xx

Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy Birthday Keithy Babe!

bir It's Keith's birthday today, and this little chap seemed the perfect choice for his card....
When he's not playing golf, down the club or at the race track, Keith's favourite past time is watching the footy on the TV, and woe betide anyone to move that remote control from the arm rest LOL
This little chap was on my CD-ROM and was a great addition for my card archive.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Tidy Turtle

This little lady is taken for another of my CD-ROMS, and is just the cutest little thing, in 'real life'
the images are 3d mounted onto backing papers and peel off's placed along each side to complete the image.

Little Girl Blue

I love this little girl! She is 3d foamed onto the blue dotty backing paper, which in turn is mounted on the a tall white DL card blank.

Using Martha' s Punches

A few posts back I told you of my new Martha Stewart punches...... Here are a couple more cards I have created using the boarder double sided punch. It makes a wonderful lace effect piece that can be matted onto any card to create extra impact.

Through The Looking Glass

This lovely lady, was a download that I received for registering with a craft website.
Having cut out the layers I mounted them with 3d foam pads and added them to a hammered white card blank.
The working and flowers were peels off that I had in my craft box.

Tartan Terror

We had a little Scottie dog for many years. He had a fab character and was always getting into mischief.

This little chap reminds me of him!
The tartan backing paper was matted onto a black card blank, and the image of little Scottie was mounted onto foam pads and centred on the tartan.

I wish Fred would sit that still when I wanted to take a picture of him, LOL!

Christmas is coming....

These trwo little chaps are my first attempt using my new CD-ROM

Aren't they just sooooo cute!

Friday, 6 August 2010

My Latest Christmas Aquirement

These CD-ROMS arrived today from Ideal World's Create & Craft TV. After watching the demo's I loved the idea of making squeezie cards!
I've now made two of the cards on the Christmas Furry Friends disc, and they are so cute - I think my card buying friends will be wanting some of these when they are ready!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

My New Martha Stewart Punches

I love a bargain as much as the rest of you, so when I saw these on the Toady's Special Value on QVC the other day, I just could not resist, and went ahead and ordered them...

The three punches are brand new to the MS range, and having watched the demo's and drooled over them (I know, how sad), Paul said, "for goodness sake order them!"

Don't you just love a supportive hubby!

My order was placed on Craft Day (Saturday) and I received my parcel on Tuesday - Great service or what!

Anyway, to cut a long story short - I have my lovely new punches and you get to see my first effort in using them!

I have to admit I was quite pleased with the result.


Mike goes in for his eye operations this coming week, and finally, after over 12 months, he should be able to enjoy his little MX-5 with the lid down and the sun shining.
He has had to pretty much live permanently in sunglasses, both indoors and outdoors, as the light hurts his eyes too much.
When I saw this image, I realised it was perfect for the occasion. I particularly love the art deco feel of it, and therefore chose a font for the type written notes that fell into this theme

Good Luck for Tuesday Mike, we'll be thinking about you. xx