Tuesday, 23 February 2010

DIY Chaps Card

Anyone that knows my husband, know that he is able to do pretty much anything he turns his hand to..... He is the original DIY hotty, that every woman needs around the house LOL

With this in mind... (that's the DIY part, not the hotty part), I did this little chap for his birthday card.

The image was from the same clear stamp set I got for the golfing man. I stamped him onto 120gsm fine white paper, and matted him onto black card stock.

I then matted this topper onto some silver card stock that I had run through my lovely new cuttlebug machine.

All of this got mounted onto black gloss blank card stock, using 3d foam mount.

The wording was from the same clear stamp set, and I embossed it with silver heat it up powder and my heat gun.

Not a bad finish for a totally monochrome effect.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Golf Attempt #3

This is the same little golf chappie that I used on attempt #2, but this time I have water coloured him using my Marvy Le Plume Brush Pens.
I dipped the tips of the brushes into water to soften the colours and then as the ink ran back through them, added some darker areas for shaddow effect.
The wording is from the same acrylic stamp set that the chap came from, and I embossed them using a silver powder and my heat gun.
Another quite successful attempt I think.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Butterfly Dimensions

Whilst I was out with Sally~Ann yesterday, she bought me the X-Cut Dimensions butterfly cutter for my birthday - yes I know my birthday is ages off, but you try telling her that! LOL

I had seen some projects using it on one of my favourite craft sites, and knew it would be a great addition to my craft equipment.

So this card is for Sally~Ann, to add to her little box, and be used at some time during the year.
I am so pleased with the result, and shall be making loads of these I think, as they have jumped to favourite in my mind LOL.

Another Go at Golfing

After my initial Golf attempt, I went out and bought some more stamps which included golfers.
This is a very basic black on pearl cream blank card stock, with little golfing man raised up on 3d foam pads for additional dimension.
Although it is a very very basic card, I think it is more effective than I expected.
I shall now do one with colours so that we can decide on the best - I'll keep you posted

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Do the Cuttlebug....

I've been umming and rrrring over buying this for ages, and then kicked myself that I didn't get it on the TSV a couple of weeks ago on QVC.
However the deed had now been done. I got a great deal from Craft Superstore (you can find the link in my side bar). Not only was it the cheapest I've seen anywhere. I got free postage and also loyalty points to spend against my next purchase. So far I have about £8.50 against my account as there was an extra £5 given against the Cuttlebug this weekend.
The best bit is..... I've already chosen what I can buy with this 'free' money. They have a little man golfing on an acrylic stamp - perfect for my alternate card for Sally~Ann.
Come on postman, I can't wait for you to visit now .....

Saturday, 6 February 2010


OK so this one was really hard to do..... My friend wanted a Golf card, and had bought the toppers for it.... It makes it really hard to try and come up with a unique card, and I have done a golf card before with similar toppers, but did not want to revisit that design again.
I decided that with a little help from some Argyle effect backing papers from K&Co , and my trusty heat gun, we may have a chance at something different.
Although I have told Sally~Ann that I am not happy with the design, and will be making an alternative for her to chose from, she thinks this one is lovely.
Fingers crossed that her son will too, LOL

Friday, 5 February 2010

Little Girl

I fell in love with this little girl when I saw her. As she came to life, it bought to mind memories of my Great Gran, who I was lucky enough to have had in my life for many years before she passed. I know she would have loved this image.

Blue Flower Decoupage

This one has worked out quite well - I used a tall DL card and placed the corners before choosing the position for the main design.

I decided to use the wording of Mother - the insert will be left blank for the customers own wording

Decoupage Just For You

I used a K & Company background paper for this card in a delicate lilac, and built up the Anita's decoupage flowers over the top of it.

Flower Decoupage

Now that I have started to feel better, I am working on the decoupage I bought on that fateful trip to The Range last weekend.

This is the first completed card, and I am really pleased with it, methinks it will make a lovely Mothers Day card.

What do you reckon?