Sunday, 7 February 2010

Do the Cuttlebug....

I've been umming and rrrring over buying this for ages, and then kicked myself that I didn't get it on the TSV a couple of weeks ago on QVC.
However the deed had now been done. I got a great deal from Craft Superstore (you can find the link in my side bar). Not only was it the cheapest I've seen anywhere. I got free postage and also loyalty points to spend against my next purchase. So far I have about £8.50 against my account as there was an extra £5 given against the Cuttlebug this weekend.
The best bit is..... I've already chosen what I can buy with this 'free' money. They have a little man golfing on an acrylic stamp - perfect for my alternate card for Sally~Ann.
Come on postman, I can't wait for you to visit now .....


  1. I got this for Christmas. The Cricut was a little too expensive for me, but so far I am enjoying this product.


  2. Well done finding it a good price and getting loyalty points too - such a bargain.

    Can't wait to see what you make with the Cuttlebug. Also waiting to see the alternate golf card you will be making.

  3. I hope the postman comes soon. Sorry to hear about your blog problems. Thanks for sending me links. I enjoy following you.

  4. I'm all excited too cause I've been waiting for the Cuttlebug to come on sale and it finally did. I got it for less than half price so I'm very happy. Now the playing begins . . .