Friday, 29 January 2010


It's Adrian's birthday on Tuesday, and I wanted to make him a card with a Harley Davison on it, as he loves his motor bikes..... needless to say, I had not got a motor bike decoupage kit, so he will be getting a speed boat instead LOL

I've not used these decoupage papers before, and was quite pleased with the result, even if it was a little uninspired background wise from me, but I really need to get out and buy some more background papers etc.

Having cut each of the 4 decoupage elements out, I layered them with 3D foam, and matted them onto some silver card stock, before adding it to the dark blue pearled card blank. I then added the metal Happy Birthday embellishment as a finishing touch.

It will be posted today, and hopefully arrive in time for his birthday.


  1. I would rather have a boat than a bike any day.
    It is always inspiring to get new papers and craft long as we use them.

  2. It's quite handy having CD-ROMs with backing papers on then you can just print out what you want when you want it.

  3. Well done Jo.

    I sent my nephew a motorbike one. Personally I don't like motorbikes, my hubby had one when we could only afford to run one car. I went for a ride on the pillion once, never again, scary!!!! Prefer something with four wheels thanks.

    A speed boat would be nice though, but we can't afford one and we aren't near enough to the sea to use one.

    As daft as it seems there is a boat manufacturer, Sealine, in one of the local towns around here and they make rather classy cruisers.

  4. Thanks Ladies - I have considered CD ROMS for backing papers, but I would want to know what was on the disc before I bought it.
    I am looking into getting a Cuttlebug as well - so far I've got the price down £54 from £79, but can't find anyone with it in stock, so eyes peeled girls LOL

  5. I think the boat card is perfect. I bet he will love it even if its not a bike. Have a nice weekend dear.

  6. Hi Jo

    Instructions for the basket as promised:

    Start with a piece of card 12" x 12". Mark the card at 4" and 8", turn the card thru 90 degrees and do the same again, do this until you have marked the 4 sides. Score down from top to bottom, turn 90 degrees, do the same again. You should now have what looks like a noughts and crosses board. Each corner square needs to be scored diagonally. You now need to fold each score mark so they fold inwards - if you get my drift. Also fold the corner diagonals in on themselves. Punch holes either side of the diagonal folds. I used an eyelet setter and put eyelets in to strengthen the card. You can decorate the outside of the basket at this point if you wish. Put ribbon through the slots so you can tie it up and fold the card so it makes a basket shape. Tie the ribbon and it can be used as a handle.

    I also think you could glue the corner squares together after scoring diagonally then fold in onto the inside and glue to make a square container (like a box without a lid). You could then either punch holes and attach a ribbon as a handle or cut a piece of card and attach with brads or eyelets to make a handle. Another good idea for popping favours into or birthday/christmas gifts.

    Do give it a go, sure you'll manage it. Hope you understand my instructions, any problems just get back to me.

  7. Will keep a look out for someone with stock of the Cuttlebug. Have you looked at QVC - they were doing it the other week with extras as it was a TSV. Create and Craft do the Wizard one, which die cuts and embosses and that seems pretty good too. Unfortunately I bought the Double Do XL when it was a TSV, but I could buy the Wizard dies and embossing stuff as you can use those with it and also the cuttlebug dies and embossing folders. Which is what I think I will have to resort to as there doesn't seem to be much out there from the Double Do people.

  8. Hi Jo

    Yes, I've come over here too, you can't escape me.

    It's such a shame you've had problems with your blogs.