Sunday, 24 January 2010


I used a pearled card blank, die cut pink stiletto's, metallic pressed metal Happy Birthday and Fan decals and and peel off stickers for the name.
The heart paper, and pink card I already had in my box of tricks.
The idea came from one of my favourite craft sites, who offer designs for free - mad about cards.

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  1. Another lovely card Joanne, I have a little punch for cutting out shoes too.

    Did you see the stiletto shoe I created with lots of feathers on it? I just used a clip art shoe and enlarged it on the computer then made a template and cut around it. The next thing I need to do is actually create a shoe in my Wishblade program so I can get that to do the cutting for me.

    My niece who I did the wedding stationery for christened my Wishblade 'the whizzy cutter' and that's how the two of us always refer to it now!!!