Sunday, 24 January 2010

Let Us Begin

And so, now you have seen a selection of what I have made in the past.

From now on, as I create a card, I shall post it, along with the details of how I made it, and using the correct date stamp and time

Until then...... Keeeeeep Crafting! LOL


  1. I was wondering how you'd use the incorrect date stamp and time as I know you have just created this blog!

    I still have a lot of photos of cards I made that I need to upload and I'll try to do a few at a time.

    Meanwhile I have been asked to make some wedding stationery for my friend's granddaughter so I need to start worrying - sorry I mean thinking about what I can do for her. I'm arranging a meeting with her and her mum to see what her likes and dislikes, and ideas are then I'll do some samples for her. She wants Save the Date cards too and wants to send those out shortly even though the wedding isn't until August 2011. At least I have heaps of time to work out exactly what she is going to have and plenty of time to make them too. It sounds like she's as difficult to please as my niece was but unlike her she doesn't do plain, she wants fancy, let's hope not too fancy eh!

    This is giving me even more incentive to get practicing with that whizzy cutter and to ensure I know how to do the print and cut thingy not just the cutting as it may come in handy and save me lots of cutting out by hand. That was my mountain to climb when I did my niece's place cards as I had to print them out then cut every one by hand!!!! A mean feat I can tell you, but they came out fine and almost all exactly the same. If I had learned how to do print and cut I could have printed them first then put them through the whizzy cutter for it to cut them for me and it would have cut a whole A4 sheet in one go. I had many a sleepless night over those flipping place cards. I still haven't done a post with photos of her stationery, I really must do that too.

  2. Hi again, I wish I had your confidence. I would be frightened to death to take on a project like a wedding. I have made bespoke Birthday cards for people, including an internal book with poem inside for one gent so that his children could give it to their Nanna, but I'm not sure I would know where to start if it came to something like wedding stationary.
    I'll pop on over to your site to see you comments on the
    basket - thanks again for your support x

  3. You have some nice cards here dear :)