Sunday, 24 January 2010


For this I used a dark blue pearl card blank, some pale blue mulberry paper, silver border peel offs, and baby buttons.

I took a picture of my Godchild and created a frame from silver card stock and completed it with a small padded teddy bear, and ABC peel offs for the wording Godchild.

Quite inspired for me, considering I had only had an operation a few days before LOL


  1. Thank you for saying I inspired you to create this blog, I am honoured.

    I love this card, great that you used a photo of your Godchild.

    Now if I had to cut out that frame by hand it would never be straight and I'd end up keep cutting and cutting until it got too small then I'd have to start again. Even though I have rotary blade cutter with lots of different blade edges for it I find that doesn't seem to cut straight even with the card lined up correctly. This is where the Wishblade comes in, you could easily create a number of frames on one A4 piece of card/paper and cut them all out at once with it.

    Like you I find my first attempts are what I would call pretty basic but I now do more elaborate cards and have more inspiration.

    I also watch Dawn and also watched craft on Ideal World, now I can watch Create and Craft as it went onto Freeview and Freesat. I don't always buy from them but I do like to watch the demos to inspire me and they often give me ideas.

  2. I've been right through your posts and commented - will definitely be back again. I have had some inspiration from your designs too. Thanks.

  3. Hi there Jordiegirl
    Thanks so much for all of your positive comments, it's lovely when you hear something nice about what you have been doing. I have many more to put on here, but the battery just bombed on my camera so it will be a few more hours before I can start again LOL.
    The flower fairies we not a kit - I was lucky enough to be given by email these images that someone scanned before they used them. They are a big favourite of mine, and I can charge a good rate per card because of all the work involved in cutting each individual component, and the time it takes to put together.
    I will have to think about investing in a wizzy cutter I think LOL x

  4. How very creative. I couldn't pick a favorite they are all so nice. I will twitter your new site.

  5. Your fairy cards were lovely.

  6. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve if you purchase a whizzy cutter and a lot of headaches - lol.

  7. Thanks again - and Thanks to Lori - not sure how Twitter works but then I'm only just in the 21st century LOL x

  8. All the cards are lovely,but my favourites are the doggie cards and the fairy cards.You are very creative.
    Glad to hear you are feeling much better now.