Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Rose Garden

I have a gent at work who regularly asks me to make him a 'Special' card, and this is the latest one I have done for him.
His wife's birthday falls just before Christmas, and as you all know, buying a birthday card so close to Christmas is a no no.
Once more I used my wonderful Thomas Kincaide CD-ROM, this time choosing from the shaped decoupage card section.
I was thrilled with how well the card came out, and so was he! It's so nice to be able to make something for someone who really appreciates your craft.


  1. Wow, that a gorgeous card. Flipping heck I haven't even seen this on my CD-ROM - where have I been looking - must check it out again as I'd love to make that.

    Buying a birthday card just after Christmas is also a no no cos they are selling off the Christmas cards and haven't bothered to put the birthday cards back out!!! Not a problem for me of course cos I never buy cards these days.

  2. Okay, I found it, I just have to make it as it looks great.

    How did you do the personalised greeting, I couldn't see how to change the text on what was already there? I know on interactive text you click control + e but that didn't work on those greetings. Or did you make your own?

  3. Hi JG, yes I used the shift E to get the text box up, but had to do it on the separate topper page not on the page with these images. There are some images that hacve interactive toppers and others that don't so you just have to test them out.

  4. Thanks for that Jo, I'll check that out.

    I wondered if you had put any words inside the card too as it has the blank rectangle inside?

  5. No I left the rectangle blank as this was not a part of the card that you are aLlowed to change x