Saturday, 7 August 2010

Tidy Turtle

This little lady is taken for another of my CD-ROMS, and is just the cutest little thing, in 'real life'
the images are 3d mounted onto backing papers and peel off's placed along each side to complete the image.


  1. Hi Jo

    I have checked back through all your posts that I missed while I was away and am now making time to actually call in and comment.

    I love all the cards you've posted on here recently. Tidy Turtle is great, I also have the Joanna Sheen CD-ROM. I have more to post too.

    Can I just ask you what sort of paper/card you print out on when you use the CD-ROMs or print out downloaded stuff because it always looks excellent print quality. Sometimes mine doesn't unless I use photo paper, which is a bit expensive.

  2. Thanks Yv,
    I use Tesco Finest Bright White Printer Copier paper. It has a nice smooth feel and holds the ink really well. It's about £2.50 a pack