Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Civil Partnership

A colleague of mine, let slip that she and her partner of many years had made it legal, and had a civil partnership just before Christmas.
I could not have been more happier for her, and so, used my occasional CD-ROM once more to make a card that I hoped would be suitable for them.

Being a squeezee card, it is freestanding, and it makes quite an impact when you see an A5 version sat there on the table top.

We all signed the back of it before handing it over.

The following day, she came to see me with a huge smile on her face, and said that her partner wanted to tell me that it was a stunning card, and they loved it.

I was thrilled!


  1. No wonder they loved it Jo. It's absolutely fabulous. Anyone would be happy to receive it.

  2. Hi Jo

    Long time no posts!

    Anyway, do pop by my Yours Truly blog as I've left you an Award over there.

    Hope you're okay.