Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Friends Together

Back in the first week of the New Year, I had arranged with my friend that we would have a couple of hours together card making.

She had some waterfall cards given to her one birthday and had no idea what to do with them and even considered trashing them!

I was HORRIFIED! and told her so! - Hence the craft evening together LOL.

I only know about waterfall cards in principle, and have never seen one to look at let alone tried to make one, so it was a case of Lord help us please!
As it turns out, once we sat down together with the die cuts in front of us and reading the instructions, it did actually make sense. Suddenly the evening did not look like quite so much of a hit and miss thing, and we started to work our way through a pile of die cut cards and adding the waterfalls to some of Tracy's card blanks to complete the effect.

As you can see from the above image, by pulling the tab under the picture the waterfall starts to happen showing each image to the recipient of the card.

When her husband and young son came to collect her after playschool was over, we had managed to complete 12 cards between us in the hour and a half that we had been crafting.

Bless her, she left a dozen of the die cut sheets for me, for helping out, and over the next couple of days I put them together.
I'm afraid I forgot to take pictures whilst we were together, but here are the cards I made with the bits that she gave me.
It was a lovely couple of hours, and I'm very sure we shall be doing a similar thing very soon.

Thank you Tracy. x

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  1. Hi Jo

    I have the exact same kit and have made some of these but I saw the demos on TV too so knew what I was doing. I still have some of the kit left. Not sure if I blogged any or not.