Thursday, 6 January 2011

When Two Become One!

Our friends got engaged in the New Year, and, not having used my new Occasions squeezee CD-ROM very much, I wanted to see what they thought of this as their engagement card.
It seems it went down very well, and I have been asked to look at designs for the wedding stationary for them!

Congratulations x

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  1. Just been over to Surf Chick blog and asked if you'd made any cards then a scroll down the blog updates and here you are.

    I saw this on C&C and despite you telling me to get it I didn't - naughty me. I liked this design when I saw it. If they have it on again at a reduced price maybe I'll be tempted.

    Did you make the stationery for the other couple you were asked to do stationery for? Not the boys, I know about their stationery.

    My bride collected her Evening Invitations last night. No pressure on me now for a while, I'm going to do the favours at my leisure, just the cutting out for now then stick them together nearer the time. I have lots of ideas in my head for their table plan already.