Monday, 8 August 2011

A Little Doolicraft

Whilst visiting Trago a little while ago, I bought a card making set from Doolicraft.  It contained various decoupage sheets, 8 card blank, envelopes and miscellaneous cards and papers.  All in all a really good bargain.

I opened the box on about 4 different occasions before I got the inspiration to do anything with them, and then suddenly, I got it together and came up with these

There are some Get Well,

 P7250015   P7250007






and moving house.


Then there are some generic that can have labels attached as I am asked for them.


All in all, not a bad set to buy, and so far everyone seems to love the cute look.

I don’t really think they are my style, and probably won’t make them again, but I think that they were a good buy at the time.

Jo Anne


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