Monday, 8 August 2011

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

I was asked if I could make something for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary, and I had a few ideas, one being a pop up diamond card, but in the end, the most simple was the most effective.

I used a tall card blank, trimmed one side off, and using my Tonic Solutions edge trimmer cut hearts down the rear of the card.

I then covered the rear of the pattern with double sided tape, and rubbed ultra fine glitter into the pattern that was left showing on the front of the card.

The rear of the card was then covered in another sheet of paper to ‘tidy’ up the sight of the tape that was visible.


I printed a sentiment onto photo quality card, and trimmed it, placing it on the narrow frontage of the card using 3d foam for extra dimension.

I finished it with some sticky gem stones.

A very pleasing effect I think.

Jo Anne

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  1. A simple look but very effective. Well done.