Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Pianists Dream?

Mandy asked me a few weeks ago if I could come up with a card that included a piano for her best friend, who is partially sighted, but who loved to play the piano.

Always up for a challenge I started to scout around for anything that might be appropriate.

Finally, having searched the web to within an inch of it's life, a little craft shop in Penzance came up with a solution for me.

This is a decoupage sheet of about 10 or 12 parts. Once I had cut out and assembled the image, I used a piece of matt gold A4 card for the base.... if you score the A4 card with an embossing tool on it's longest side at the 14.8cm mark you will have a pretty good central line. The embossing tool gives a nice neat line to fold against to make the 'card' shape.

I then used some sepia sheet music, again from the craft shop in Penzance, as a background, and placed the finished image onto it.

The wording Mandy had asked for, was created using my clear stamp wording and some gold embossing powder and heat gun.

The finishing touch was the central insert - Just for you with love. I did this again using my clear stamps and a black ink pad.

I think Mandy was very happy when she saw it.


  1. What a lovely card you made for Mandy. I saw all the bits in their raw state and you've done a fantastic job putting them all together. I'm sure she was thrilled.

  2. Hi Jo

    Left you a comment on the Cliff card post about concert tickets.

  3. This is very lovely. You did a wonderful job. Your cards look so much nicer than store bought greetings.