Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Jamie and Phill get Engaged

My gorgeous friends Jamie and Phill got engaged on February 14th. They are sooooo romantic! Aaaahhh!

Anyway - my question is ........ "Why is it impossible to buy a same sex Engagement or Wedding card?" after all it is not as if it is not considered the norm nowadays - for goodness sake it's the 21st century! Good job I can make my own cards!

Back to my story - sorry!

I used a tall white blank card from stock and chose some purple heart papers which I used down one side of the card.

I then used some stripy purple and lilac downloaded paper to mat the champagne glasses onto. I used the centres of some peel off flowers to create the sparkle coming out of the glasses!

I had some Congratulations toppers which I had bought at The Works a couple of weeks ago and then I matted the words Groom & Groom onto some silver card blank and stripe paper.

The swarkowski flowers finished the card off, however the more I looked at it the more like a wedding card it seemed to be, so I placed the word Engagement above the Congrats topper - et voila!

I am really pleased with the result, and apparently the guys loved the Groom and Groom touch Ha Ha!

Now, all that is left to do is think up another wonderful design for their Wedding card!

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  1. Very clever Jo. I think it only looked more like a wedding card because of it having Groom and Groom on it.

    Sure you'll think of something equally as nice for their wedding card.

    Like you say it's a good job you (and I) can make our own cards then they can be done to order.

    At the moment I haven't been able to find Save the Date peel offs, which I may have to use as a last resort for my bride. I'd prefer to print or emboss to be honest but can't find a stencil for the embossing and have yet to check out whether the Stardream card will be okay in my printer.