Sunday, 18 December 2011

8x8 Floral Cards

Although all of these cards are variations on  a theme, I have to say that they have been my favourite to make lately.

With four different layers of matting before the decoupage starts, the cards a very heavy once they are complete, but they have a very grand and elegant look, and it feels wonderful to be able to hand them to my friends on their special days, knowing the time that went into producing something, that has been chosen and laid out especially for their personalities.



8x8 card blanks are now my new favourite LOL.

I hope you like them as much as me.

Jo Anne


  1. They are gorgeous Jo. I like 8x8 cards now too - have some with scalloped edges. Will post the Eddie Stobart card I made very shortly - I hope.

  2. Will be posting a photo of the favour boxes soon - I've finished all 48 of them!!!! Also the box for their cards to go into is done. Been making a snooker card for a 21st birthday today - posting on blog soon.